Who We are

We believe that including diverse suppliers in our sourcing process provides us the greatest opportunity to develop the most innovative, highest quality, and most cost-effective business solutions. Through direct experience, we know this strengthens our company on the inside and supports communities on the outside. We strive to ensure that our business leaders have a broad understanding of the business case for working with diverse suppliers and the competitive advantage that a robust Supplier Diversity process provides the company. We invite you to be part of the magic!

What We Do

We support The Walt Disney Company's diversity strategy by developing and leading a world-class Supplier Diversity process that:

  • Articulates the value of a robust supplier diversity process
  • Enables diverse suppliers to compete for sourcing opportunities
  • Facilitates a healthy, fact-based dialogue between Disney and external interest groups

How We Do It

Identification - We identify minority, woman, veteran, and/or service-disabled veteran, LGBTQ, and/or disabled owned enterprises businesses for Disney professionals that are capable of meeting our business requirements.

Qualification - We determine relevant diverse business criteria such as competencies, geographical scope, and capacity.

Due Diligence - We validate diverse status through certification compliance. We use WBENC, NMSDC, and Department of Veterans Affairs, NGLCC, and Disability:IN to verify certification.

Outreach - We actively seek diverse suppliers through participation in national, regional and local diverse-owned business development organizations, advocacy groups, and trade shows.

Supplier Diversity - Doing Business With Us

We realize there are many approaches to a diverse supply base for our enterprise. Some of our business needs require large, global companies for national or worldwide deals. Other times we can leverage small, nimble, local vendors that can meet special needs. The companies we evaluate can be national, regional, or local as long as they meet the diverse needs and objectives of our stakeholders.

Interested in doing business with us? Here are the next steps.

Learn About Us

  • Know and understand the product and service offerings of The Walt Disney Company
  • Understand the structure of our segments and business units and our business trends by reading our Annual Report

Know What We look For

For purposes of the Program, we look for suppliers who have been certified by either NMSDC, WBENC , Department of Veterans Affairs, NGLCC, and Disability:IN as minority, woman, veteran, service - disabled veteran owned , LGBTQ, or disabled-owned enterprises. You should also:

  • Demonstrate sales volume, profitability, and financial stability in the past three years
  • Deliver a comprehensive product or service
  • Have a presence in our key markets in the U.S. (Northeast, Orlando, Southern California)
  • Possess a skilled management team with experience delivering to the media/ entertainment/theme parks industry

Determine Where You Fit

  • Take a realistic look at your company's product and service offerings and determine whether you are most competitive at the local, regional, national, or global level.
  • Prepare the business solution and value-add that uniquely qualifies your organization to do business with us. What does your company do or have that we can't live without?

Take Action

When there is a need our sourcing professionals utilize this customized portal to identify new vendors. Please register on our portal. A detailed and current profile on the database will allow our sourcing professionals to easily find you. When there is a match for our business need and your commodity based on the information and capabilities you provide, we can contact you directly.